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Jasmine Rice

Thai jasmine rice is commonly know as fragrant rice, scented rice and aromatic rice. Its official name is Thai Hom Mail Rice. Jasmine rice has world-wide reputation in appearance, cooking texture and aroma. This special aroma from both raw and cooked rice contributes to its famous name Jasmine Rice. One reason that makes the rice special is its easy adaptability to different dishes for different tastes.

Glutinous Rice

Also called waxy or sweet rice, glutinous rice has short and plump grains with a chalky white, opaque kernel. When cooked, this rice is very glutinous. It is more often used in commercial product formulations than in recipes. The starch and flour from waxy rice is used frozen as a binder for gravies, sauces and fillings because it is resistant to breakdown during freezing and thawing. It can be found in Asian markets and European markets with Asian specialty sections.

White rice

Rice that is also referred to as regular-milled or polished rice, the most common form of rice. The outer husk is removed and the layers of bran milled away until the grain is white.

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